Only YOU can make your life into what you’ve always dreamed of!  

The United States is filled with men and women on welfare, barely able to bring home the bacon. A
ccording to an Associated Press February, 2007 analysis: Nearly one in six people relies on some form of public assistance, a larger share than at any time since the government started measuring two decades ago. That figure has increased exponentially since the 2008 housing crisis and economic downturn. Many of these are single parents, struggling to make ends meet.

Lisa Jey knows. Becoming a mother at the age of nineteen was one of the scariest and most incredible challenges of her life. It also required she work with diligence and determination to overcome the many obstacles and setbacks encountered along the way. The road was rough at times. She can relate to women who struggle. But she set out early to do what she could to not only provide for her children, but to provide a life of experiences she’d only dreamed of as a child. To do so, Lisa Jey knew it would take commitment, courage and some very lucky stars..
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