… best to just read what’s on the label… #TBSU…

Ahhh — the review of a review. I LOVE this! Thank you @seumasgallacher!

Seumas Gallacher

… I could never comprehend the urge that my English Literature schoolteachers possessed in constantly  imploring we poor numbskull ten-and eleven-year old children to ‘understand’ what the great historic writers were ‘trying to say to us’… in Billy Shakespeare’s  King Dickie III, for example, the monarch squeals out , ‘…a horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse…’… now , ‘Master ten-year old Gallacher’, asks the professor, ‘ what do ye think Shakespeare’s’s REALLY trying to say to us?…’  … is he kidding me, or what?… ‘ … please Sir, it looks like he needs some alternative transport to get his arse to f*ck out of there before he cops a belt in the mouth…’… apparently that particular Govan-bred response was not high on the dominie’s expected deliberations… a smack round the ear was my usual reward for such enlightend ‘interpretation’ of the classical authors and…

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