How many of us will read or watch something like this, and be inspired to ACT? That is my desire, that things I share and post inspire you and others to ACTION. Enjoy this post.

Our Great Escapes

I discovered TEDxTeen last year and posted several of the talks from it on this blog, not only because the young people who gave those talks had done extraordinary things, but because by seeing them, they might inspire someone else watching to do extraordinary things themselves. I eagerly awaited this year’s edition of TEDxTeen so that I could see more outstanding young people and the ideas they had, and share them with you.

The Audacity of whY was this year’s theme. Too many things in life we take for granted and it takes a child’s curiosity and innocence to ask: why? Not only questions like, “Why is the sky blue?” but also things like, “Why do some people not have enough to eat?” or “Why do people get sick?” As adults, we often stop asking asking these types of questions, but it is those very questions which can lead to…

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