From one of my FAVORITE newspapers. The New York Observer. Ahhh. Great writing… it’s the way things should be.


Despite believing his life to be in danger, John McAfee may have leaked digital data that revealed his location in the last days of 2012, recalling the misstep that led to his arrest in Guatemala last month.

Mr. McAfee, who rose to prominence developing antivirus software, has been on the run since November, when the Belizean police sought Mr. McAfee for questioning in the murder of his neighbor Gregory Faull. Over the weeks that followed, Mr. McAfee often said that he would be killed if captured.

While Mr. McAfee has successfully escaped to the United States, he told Betabeat in a telephone conversation yesterday that he still fears for his life, and that there are parties that would like to “take him out.”

In a blog post yesterday, Mr. McAfee claimed to offer evidence that the Belize government, the Zeta drug cartel and the terrorist organization Hezbollah were working together

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