Me,, Spreecast & Breast Cancer Awareness

We did it.

Stuart Brazell, Stefanie Seifert and I scheduled a time this past Thursday, to chat about my push to raise awareness for Genetic Testing and Health Advocacy during Breast Cancer Awareness month. I’ll give you a hint: My sister Mimi has something to do with it!

They invited me to participate in their Spreecast and I invited one of the Genetics Counselors from Cedars Sinai hospital to watch and answer questions, live during the chat.

Our lively discussion, in addition to raising awareness for genetic testing for Breast & Ovarian Cancer, is chock full of hot ladies shimmying their boobies, flashing their freshly painted nails, assuming yogic/karma sutric postures to reveal toenail polish on screen, and displaying a vibrator that pivots into the shape of a BCA ribbon (which will be given away on DIRTYANDTHIRTY.COM).

Below is a screen shot of the fun interview, which you can click on to watch in a new window. After you watch the Spreecast, be SURE to come back and keep scrolling down, as I want you to watch a short video that the girls produced for the Dirty & Thirty TV channel on Youtube called “Binders Full of Women”! That one is SUPER FUN.

And now, for the awesomely fun video called “Binders Full of Women’!! Enjoy

Be sure to share this with all of your friends. Raise awareness about this and you just might save a life!  Enjoy your day everyone. Love you!  xo

Copy and Paste the following to Twitter or Facebook in support of Breast Cancer Awareness: 

SAVE.THE.BOOBIES. If your relatives suffered Ovarian or Breast cancer, GET THE GENETIC SCREENING. #BRCA #BreastCancerAwareness @lisajey


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