Cool, “Under the Radar” Facebook Pages That Offer Fodder for Your Page

I am a pretty geeky chick.  I have three facebook pages I operate solely for the purpose of promoting an upcoming book I’m writing:  Ms. Cheevious, Lisa Jey Davis Author Page, and M.C. Nugget (the fan page of Ms. Cheevious’ Beau – albeit a page with little to no activity most of the time, and so few fans, he doesn’t even warrant a vanity URL). The first two pages (mostly) require content that is either funny, thought-provoking or down-right SASSY.

I also have a business page and a few of my clients pages to manage.  Thems a LOT of pages to provide content for.  If you are anything like me, or – well – alive and functioning on planet earth now, you very well may have a Facebook page of your own to manage, with similar demands for content.

Below are just a few of the best of the best pages I’ve found for inspiration, content and all around good, funny stuff for sharing on Ms. Cheevious. Lisa Jey Davis and M.C. Nugget. They’re under-the-radar, rare-find pages  (my humble opinion). We’ve all seen the myriad of humor pages that post rapid-fire images to bring smiles to our faces. Rarely do those pages with thousands of fans stand out as something truly unique, and even more rarely do they elicit a “share” from me. These pages do that for me. They help keep my own pages sounding and looking fresh and funny.  Enjoy.

First: Dirty in Public – the website and Facebook page is managed by Marrie Lobel, an exceptionally talented writer with a truly wicked sense of humor. I admit, the graphic cards below (originally shared on FB by Dirty in Public) alone, may or may not be enough to entice you to “like” the page (They should be. They are clean, simple and to the point. What more could one ask?), so you’ll have to get over there and take my word for it. But try the blog as well. The articles are refreshingly well-written, interesting and diverse – from sexy, in-your-face topics, to heart-warming deep, thoughtful posts worthy of your time.

Like here:

Blog here:


Second: Her Geek Guide – these people post some of the funniest, quirkiest, off-the-wall cartoons and photos. They constantly surprise and provide excellent “share” fodder for my own pages.  MUST CHECK THEM OUT.

Like them here:

Website (with links to a cool Geek shop)


Third: Dirty & Thirty – Every once in a while I stumble upon a page which showed up in my news feed through another friend.  Dirty & Thirty is one of those, and I am glad for it.  With a Facebook page chock-full-o’ great photos and posts ranging from LOL-funny to empowering and thoughtful, it’s one of those pages that makes you want to take a deeper look. Their website reads like a personal Pinterest page, and one quick click to “Authors” reveals a line-up of enough sizzling Hot 30-something (or 29 & holding) chicks to fry an egg on. Just sayin’. Oh, and they do comedy nights in Los Angeles too.  I’m in.

Like them here:




Fourth and Final: Suzy F*cking Homemaker – piloted by famed daytime Soap actress Cady McClain, this hilarious character’s page, with her images, videos and commentary on life has become a welcome addition to my Facebook feed.  It doesn’t hurt that Cady is also an accomplished author, artist and musician and has her shit all over the internet – most of which I follow … But Suzy, a New York… New Jersey… em…  New England (?) housewife, circa 1960’s describes herself as such:

I have cleaned a lot of houses. Let me tell you. In the process, I have learned a thing or two. Perhaps you should listen up. You might learn something.

…and her cover photo: MARTINIS!  Yep.

Like her here:


Visit, “like” and enjoy. Onward and upward fellow Cybarians (cyber-space experts, that is).


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